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What is a GUID?

A GUID (globally unique identifier) is a bigger, badder version of this type of ID number. You may see the term UUID tossed about (universally unique identifier), a nitpicky word for those whose numbers are unique not only within the globe, but throughout the entire universe.

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Create your own GUID

You can create your own GUID by using the following code samples:
.NET c#: var guid = Guid.NewGuid();
Windows PowerShells: [guid]::NewGuid()
Ajax: GET: http://new-guid.com/api/newguid

Did you know?

In Microsofts world a not initialized GUID has the value of {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}. And that is ok but useless. Modern Microsoft GUIDs are of V4 type.